How to Create an Information Product Business Online

Two years ago I was stuck in a job that I hated, making barely enough money to pay my bills and struggling to find the time to continue pursuing my real dream of writing music, which seemed to be slowly slipping through my fingers. I knew there had to be a way to get out of the trap I seemed to be stuck in, but I couldn’t figure out how. I was in my early thirties and I reached a low point where I felt very defeated. I remember talking to a friend one night, a co-worker actually, and I said “All I want to do is to find a way to make enough money to pay my bills and enjoy my life on my terms”. I wanted the ability to create my own schedule and pursue my dreams on my own terms. I’ll never forget my friend’s response, without missing a beat he said, “That’s what everybody wants.”

Sometimes in life we have to hit a low point before we’re really motivated to take action. Shortly after this conversation I embarked on what is now close to a two and a half year journey of creating and launching my own information product business online. Prior to this point I had worked a series of low paid, unsatisfying jobs, all with the idea that at heart I was a musician and these jobs were nothing more than a means to an end. Well I’m still a musician, and I continue to pursue my passion for playing and performing my music. But the difference now is that I have a business, two actually, that I believe in and that sustain me. Regardless of what happens with my music career and the inevitable ups and downs that is part of the music industry, I have a business that I believe in that is much more than just a means to an end.

I’m in touch with a lot of people, both in person and via email. One issue that I’ve heard over and over is that people are struggling financially right now. As we all know, the economy isn’t doing so great right at the moment. I’m an optimist and I’m confident we will recover, but the reality is that right now things are hard for a lot people.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way!

For the last several months I have been developing a program that teaches people how to create and launch their own information product business online. If you have knowledge that you’ve acquired over the years that others would like to learn, creating an information product business is a great way to either supplement your current income or generate a full time income. For me, what originally started as something I did in my spare time as a hobby has blossomed into two businesses, with two employees. In my new program I show you how I did it and how you can do the same.

Why Information Products?

There are a lot of ways to make money on the internet but I am specifically interested in helping people learn how to create and launch information products, for a variety of reasons, a few of them are:

1) Extremely low costs to get started. I mean extremely low. If you have a computer and internet access you can get started for about $35.00. I don’t know of any other legitimate business opportunities where the barrier to entry is this low. If you have a good idea and the will to implement it you can get in the game very easily and quickly.

2) It’s Automated. What’s great about selling information products is that the entire process of selling can be automated. If you sell a digital product like me you have nothing to ship. The product is delivered instantly and automatically. No warehouses, no assembling products and no driving to the post office to ship your products. Now I should point out that I do sell hard copy products as well but I have someone else that I’ve outsourced packaging and shipping to. I just send them my orders and they take care of the rest. Problem solved.

3) Flexible Schedule. I can’t think of a better ¨day job¨ than working online. Need to take a week off? No problem, just take your laptop with you and your good to go. I have run my business from multiple states and multiple countries because of the flexibility my job allows. Wherever I go with my laptop and an internet connection is my office. I have worked in such remote areas as The Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Florida. OK Florida isn’t that remote, but the point is it doesn’t really matter. Basically the whole world has internet access at this point and if you have internet access you can work just as effectively, regardless of where you are.

4) No Boss. I guess this one ties into having a flexible schedule. I personally have always hated having a boss to answer to. I guess it goes along with being a musician and a free spirit. When you work for yourself you answer to yourself. Now I’m not going to lie, this has its pros and cons. When the shit hits the fan you have no one to blame but yourself. But for me, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I’ll take dealing with the challenges and struggles of running my own business over dealing with an ungrateful, mean, domineering boss any day.

5) You Choose Your Own Niche. This is a big one. I chose the music licensing industry both because I knew quite a bit about it and because I’m a musician and I wanted to stay close and connected to the music industry. If you’re day job is selling used cars or insurance or something like that, it’s hard to really feel like your job is anything other than an end to a means. When your day job is connected to your passion and your dream, the two go hand in hand and help support each other. I have been paid to teach others about the music licensing industry and as a result have personally learned a great deal more about the industry which has helped me take steps forward. Choosing the right niche is an important decision and if you choose the right one it will not only help you make money but will help you get closer to achieving your long term goals.

6) It’s Recession Proof. I’ve made a lot more money this year than I did last year despite being in an economic downturn. I have had challenges, no doubt, but one of the many great things about working for yourself is that you have the ability to adapt to your circumstances. When you have a job, if you have a job, you get paid the same month to month regardless of what’s happening. But with an internet business you can adapt to the changing circumstances. Need to make more money? Launch a new product. Need to generate more sales? Offer a discount. You call the shots and are able to adapt to what’s happening.

8 MLM Prospecting Tips On How To Turn Your Prospects Into Productive Business Partners

I don’t care what company you are in the vision of a business & salesperson should be to turn their prospects into business partners.

“So Keep Reading Because This Gets A Lot More Interesting…”

Your prospects are drowning in pain & begging for help so stop & ask yourself this: Is the product or service you have to offer going to get rid of their pain if so then why aren’t you helping them? It’s your responsibility to make their pain go away!

8 MLM Prospecting Tips On How To Turn Your Prospects Into Productive Business Partners…

MLM Prospecting Tip #1…Get Off Your Butt Get Out Here & Get Acquainted:

Establishing trust & credibility in this field is a must so start networking with your niche this helps you relate to them & get a better understanding of what they are going through. This is also where having a good marketing strategy falls into place, it allows you to get to know others & eventually inform them about your business?

A marketing simple strategy can start with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or the social bookmarking sites.

MLM Prospecting Tip #2…What Are Their Pressure Points?

Can you feel the agony & pain they are going through right now? If so then you need to get to the bottom of it before you start talking about your opportunity, after you find out what problems they are having then you can focus on how your opportunity will help change their lives.

MLM Prospecting Tip #3…Time To Approach The Situation:

OK in order for you to do this successfully you have to give them a clear understanding that you have something of value to offer so it’s time to get down to the true need of your prospects & you can do this by listening to what they have to say.

After they are done talking you can ask any questions you may have just be sure you are paying close attention to what they are saying because you may have a winner standing right in front of you!

MLM Prospecting Tip #4…Give Valuable Solutions Away For Free:

Your prospects have to know that you’re not in it just for the money & if you are then you’re doing nothing but wasting your precious little time. You must figure out what you can give away at no cost?

Do you have any training materials or tools that you can give away? Providing value upfront is called “attraction marketing” it makes those in your niche more drawn to you because you are educating them on what to do & how to do it.

Learn how to become creative & have fun with what you’re doing, it as time goes on you will start seeing your business expand a lot more.

MLM Prospecting Tip #5…While Consistently Providing Value It’s Time To Start Presenting The Valuable Products That Cost:

Giving away free products is good but you are still building a business so you have to start earning income & if you are only giving away freebies then how in the world are going to build a profitable business?

The more valuable your products & services become the sooner you can start charging a fee for them, besides you can’t earn any “Return On Your Investment” if you don’t start charging for your services at some point & time. The best way to get started is by offering your products at a low price on the front end.

There are (3) ways you can offer your products to your niche along with a call to action:

List Of Subscribers

Blog Posts

Writing Articles

MLM Prospecting Tip #6…Provide So Much Value That They Can’t Hardly Stand It:

They paid for your product right? So you have to provide so much value that they are overwhelmed this lets them know that they got more than they paid for!

At this point it’s time to deliver tons & tons of value on your low cost item & while you are at it you can throw in a free bonus: reports, ebooks, video trainings, private coaching calls, etc… this will make them want to network with you even more & it keeps the relationship growing stronger.

MLM Prospecting Tip #7…Next Start Offering Your Higher Prices Items:

If the lower price item is packed with tons of value then they won’t mind paying for the higher priced items because they know they are going to benefit from it.

Here you can offer your best product or opportunity especially after you have done steps 1-6 at this point they have built up enough trust with you & they trust you enough to where they feel good about making a quick decision!

Do you realize what you have done so far?

You have consistently nurtured them, picked the ones that are teachable, willing to pay & ready to work with you. Plus your actions speaks for themselves by showing that you are a trustworthy person that’s sincerely ready to help others.

You can let your website, webinars, conference calls speak for themselves & now you can present your business & talk about the advantages they have of personally working with you.

MLM Prospecting Tip #8…Time For A Check Up:

Now it’s time to do a check up on what you’ve been working on:

What worked & what didn’t?

What should you have done differently to get a better outcome?

What do you need to test & tweak?

How is your squeeze page working out?

Doing a reality check keeps your mind fresh & lets you know what you need to do differently to improve things. This is also a great time to check over your goals to make sure you are on staying on task.

My Last Conclusion…

Don’t be afraid to take control of your business because the prospects in your niche are looking for someone to lead & guide them in the right direction.

Four Actions That You Can Take Right Away in Order to Have a Productive Business Day

Doing more with my 24 hours is something that has my whole attention these days. Managing your time well seems to be an art. It’s a topic that affects the productiveness of your day, and there a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to maximize your time.

But today I want to share some of the things that I notice are working for me and in my business. For some of you, they may be nothing new, but the truth is that these tips work and you don’t need to complicate things.

Some of the best systems that work are the most simple ones.

Here are some of the ideas that you can implement right away to form better time management:

  • Do not open your email first thing in the morning

Have you noticed that when the first thing that you do after turning on your computer is to check your email, you usually stay there at least 30 minutes, maybe even an hour? Usually there are not important emails to attend to, but still you can’t help checking, right? Don’t be ashamed to admit this, you are not the only one. But you need to figure out a system that incorporates checking your email with being productive.

You need to have a schedule when you check your emails so that you don’t check it 4-5 times a day… maybe more.

Create a goal for yourself; spend only 30 minutes in a day to check your email (preferably when you finish all your work) and then be done with looking at your email for that day.

  • Don’t use your brain too much–take regular breaks

Yes, it’s true. Your brain need some rest and you will be a lot more productive by taking a break every 3 or 4 hours. Don’t work like a maniac all day long. Here is a nice schedule that you can follow to have a organized and productive working day (especially if you work from home):

7:00 – 8:00     Wake up and work out
8:00 – 9:00     Shower, dress, eat breakfast.
9:00 – 12:30   Do your work! (NO EMAIL!)
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch!
13:30 – 15:30 Do your work!
15:30 – 16:30 Take a break and anything you want
16:00 – 17:30 Do your work!
17:30 – 18:30 Reply to emails, plan the next day, finish your thing!

  • Keep your focus

Keeping your focus while at your computer is one of the simplest things that you can do… and it’s very productive. If you don’t have a crystal-clear goal when you are at your PC, trust me it’s better to step away until you do. You will be so much more productive by doing this.

  • Don’t compare yourself with your peeps

You will have a big problem doing this because you will not appreciate your small results.

Maybe you are at the beginning of your online journey and having 5-10 new subscribers is the best thing that happened to your business for a long time. You should really celebrate that! But if you look at the top person in your industry and see that she can get 700 sign-ups in one day, you can’t really appreciate YOUR success.

Never forget. Your SUCCESS IS AMAZING even if it’s a small or big result. It is still amazing because it’s a result that moves businesses forward.

Keep that in mind! And think about the fact that the top person in your industry was at some point where you are right now but she never gave up.

And voila… we are at the end of this post. These are my recommendations for a productive day.

But all this advice is useless if you will not implement it right away and make them a habit. Probably the most important tip is that you need to implement this new way of doing things in the way you work. To have a productive business, you need to become a productive person and the best part is when you are productive you will perform in your business–and that is probably something that you definitely want.:)

Video Production Business Tips – Why Wedding Videographers Should Move to Corporate Video

My main focus in the video production business is to figure out how I can use my talents as a video producer to make the most money with the least amount of effort… all while building a business asset that will someday allow me to retire and travel the world while I’m still young enough to actually enjoy it!

My personal income has increased by about 750% since I started my video production business back in 2000 and the gross sales revenue for the company has grown by over 1200% in the same period of time.

I’m not anywhere close to my definition of wealthy but I’m a heck of a lot closer now than I was 9 years ago when i started this journey as a video business owner. The point I’m trying to make in this article is that the turning point for my wealth and the success of my video business was when I decided to stop pursuing wedding video business and to focus 100% of my efforts on selling, producing and delivering corporate video presentations.

The fact of the matter is that when you sell a wedding video, you are asking a family to give you money out of their personal checking account. When you sell a corporate video, you are asking someone to write you a check out of their business checking account.

The difference is that businesses typically have thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions of dollars they can tap into in order to purchase your services whereas a family (wedding client) usually has to go into debt to purchase your services.

Which group of people do you think provides the most opportunity for your video business?

Based on my experience, I’d vote corporate every time. Assuming you agree or at least that you are interested in exploring it further, here’s some insight on making the transition from wedding videography to corporate video production.

Please keep in mind that I have nothing against wedding videography and I know that many of you choose to produce wedding videos because you do not enjoy corporate video production. This article isn’t for you.

My uncle Grayson, also an entrepreneur, told me when I first started my video production business that I should always try to sell services that would enable me to make the most money possible with the equipment/software I had invested in.

He added that to sell services that were any less than the most your equipment could produce was not good business and would someday lead to trouble. I must admit that at the time I didn’t really understand what he meant. However, after all the lessons I’ve learned by having my feet in the fire, I know without a shadow of doubt that he was and is absolutely right!

Your $5,000 video camera can be used to produce a $2,000 wedding video. It can also be used to produce a $20,000 training video. The same goes for your editing system, software, etc. Assuming you are a fairly competent editor, you can probably edit the wedding video in about 40-60 hours which means if you work a normal work week of say 50 hours, you’ll be able to produce about $10,000 per month in revenue for your business.

And that’s humping it… not leaving you much time to do anything else to build or run your video production business.

You can plan, shoot and edit the training video in the same one month period of time and due to the nature of the training video market segment, you can command anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 in fees per video. See where I’m going?

Producing corporate videos will generate you anywhere from twice to five times the income in one month than wedding videos will produce and you can do all or most of it with the same production equipment and software you have now.

So, you can dispel the myth that you have to have more gear to produce corporate videos. It simply isn’t true. You can rent what you don’t own and pass the costs through to the client.

Assuming that you are on the same page with what I’ve mentioned above, doesn’t it make sense to start to gradually shift your thinking to figure out how to get any or a lot of the corporate video business in your area? Yes it does!

Even a small share of the corporate market will dramatically increase your revenue and therefore result in a fatter wallet.

I could write a book on moving from weddings to corporate (and some day I probably will!) but for the sake of my time and yours, I’ll limit this article to a small handful of tips.

1. Pay attention to what the families of the bride and groom do for a living.

Expensive weddings usually mean there is someone on either the bride or groom’s side that has money. Many of these people are either executives for major companies or entrepreneurs of some sort. Target the fathers of the bride and groom to chat with when you are standing in line at the buffet and simply ask them what they do.

(The mother of the bride and groom will still be crazy over the details of the wedding/reception so approach them after the dust has settled on the event.)

If they work for a business or own a business, briefly pitch your corporate services and ask if they mind if you contact them after you have delivered the wedding video to further discuss potential opportunities with their business. Don’t think for a second that they will be offended by talking business at their son or daughter’s wedding.

Trust me, they will be dying for a conversation that doesn’t involve decisions related to the wedding. Plus, if they are affluent, odds are good that many of their clients or executive co-workers are at the wedding anyway and you know that they have already been talking shop because that’s what like minded people do… even at their own son or daughter’s wedding!

CAUTION: I don’t suggest this tactic if the target in this case is the groom. As you know, his mind is scrambled and he won’t remember any conversation he has at the wedding. Call him after you deliver the wedding video and set up the meeting to discuss your corporate services then.

2. When the wedding season is over, look for opportunities to cover important civic events in the community that are sponsored by major businesses.

You simply call the organization and offer to produce a short highlight video of the event or gavel-to-gavel coverage (whatever makes sense for the event) in exchange for a high-level sponsorship package. This will put your logo and exposure on the same level as other major businesses. I’ve done this at about 50 events which has resulted in my video production business being exposed to thousands of corporate prospects.

Not every person in the room or who will watch the video are legitimate prospects for you, but the mass exposure will dramatically increase your corporate video production opportunities and it won’t cost you anything other than your time and the cost of distribution (blank media, hosting, etc). I set up a website that has since been taken down that I used to post the community videos we produced. You can always use a free service like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo if you don’t want to pay anything to host the videos.

This was a great way to keep our brand top of mind. Be careful though, it will be tempting to think you can make more money by monetizing this event coverage service you are providing. Although you can make a little money charging for this service, keep your eye on the prize.

You want to use this free community service to open the door for larger, high paying projects.

3. Promote yourself as a freelance camera operator or production assistant to local/regional corporate video production companies.

This will help you make extra money in the off-season and will also help you learn the dynamics of corporate video production. Be willing to do anything no matter what the pay is to get your foot in the door. Then, as you build your reputation, you’ll be able to steadily increase your rates over time.

Do your best to present yourself as an ally and not as a person trying to compete with them. You don’t want other producers or videographers to think that you will contact their clients once you’ve left the set of their project.

And, no matter how tempting it will be for you to do so. DON’T! It’s unethical and will damage your reputation. It’s not worth it.

There’s plenty of business for you to get without sharking someone else’s waters. What you’ll find by doing great work and by being an ethical freelance videographer, they’ll start throwing scraps your way – the projects that aren’t worth their time but they still want to handle in order to maintain a positive client relationship.

You’ll get the call to produce it under their umbrella. This not only is an outstanding source of revenue, but also a great way to slowly and profitably break your way into the corporate video production business.

When ran properly and when focused on the right target market, wedding videography can be profitable. However, my experience has shown that much more money can be made with less effort in corporate video production.

I hope you’ll consider making the transition in your own video business or at least that you’ll find ways to expand your service offering to represent business video services. Your success rides on it!